Victoria- Tanning Consultant

Hi, my name is Victoria and I am from Greenville, NC. I am currently a senior at PCC in the MA program where I hope to further my education and eventually become a Perfusionist. In my spare time I love to travel and hang out with my friends!

My favorite indoor tanning lotion is Envious made by Designer Skin. I love the color it gives my skin. It is a very subtle bronzer, yet super effective! I also can’t get enough of the way this lotion smells, it’s amazing! It’s ATO properties keep you from smelling like the tanning bed and instead keep you smelling sweet.

Although all of the beds at The Sunshine Factory are great, my favorite has to be the level 6 UVB bed. I have mild eczema that flares at random times and this bed is great therapy for that! Since this bed is strictly a bronzing bed, it gives me great color instantly so I can maintain my tan throughout the week. Not to mention, because of my busy schedule, it’s always nice to come in The Sunshine Factory and take a break by tanning in the level 6. The level 6 bed has speakers which are loaded with fun music you can jam to while you tan!

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