Hannah- Tanning Consultant

Hey everyone, my name is Hannah! I’m from a small town called Bullock, North Carolina. I am an intended nursing major at East Carolina University. During my free time when I am not working or studying, I’m either hanging with my friends, laying out by the pool, or shopping.

My favorite lotion is Sahara Jewel by Designer Skin. I love Sahara Jewel because of the color bursting beads inside the bottle. The color bursting beads help give my skin the instant bronzed color that I love. Although, Sahara Jewel doesn’t just give you instant color. When applying this lotion, the longer you leave it on, the darker your tan will get! This is because Sahara Jewel continues to develop for hours after exposure to UV light! Another reason I love this lotion is because of one of its main ingredients, silicone. The silicon in Sahara Jewel helps with the elasticity in my skin by giving it a velvety soft feel and also keeps my sensitive skin from becoming irritated!

My favorite bed here at The Sunshine Factory is high-pressure Level 6 bed. This bed is an instant bronzing bed, so I am able to see color as soon as I get out of the bed. I also love the Level 6 bed because it’s not harsh on my skin. This bed filters out all the UV-B rays which are what burn your skin, so I am able to lay in this bed for the full time, receive instant results, and still keep my skin healthy. Thanks to the Level 6 bed paired with the instant bronzing Sahara Jewel lotion, my skin is always bronzed and glowing!

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