Emily – Tanning Consultant

Hey! My name is Emily and I am from Bear, Delaware. I am currently a sophomore at ECU, majoring in Speech Pathology. In my spare time, I love to be outside, work out, and of course, have fun with my friends!
My favorite lotion is Maliblue by Devoted Creations. I love how easy this lotion is to apply and how smooth it leaves my skin once the lotion is on. Maliblue is super hydrating so, with this lotion, you don’t ever have to worry about drying out. Also, Maliblue has such a fresh and clean smell, so tanning between class or work isn’t so bad! Most importantly, this lotion has an amazing and long-lasting enhancing effect on my tan. It works even once I am out of the tanning bed to continue to develop my color, that way I am able to achieve an optimal sun kissed glow year-round!

I love all of the beds at The Sunshine Factory, but my all-time favorite bed is the level four. This bed is so relaxing! The bed keeps you warm, but with its powerful fans, it provides a cool breeze. When I tan in the level four, I close my eyes and sometimes feel like I am lying right on the beach! Not to mention, the level four bed gives me the most perfect and even bronzed color, even on my face! The level 4 bed has facial bronzing bulbs which are gentle on your skin, but still are able to provide optimal color. I have used the level four bed even before I began working at The Sunshine Factory, and even still, it has remained my favorite!

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