Cassie – Manager

Hello everybody! my name is Cassie and I’m from Climax, North Carolina, which is a very small town that sits right outside of Greensboro. I am currently a sophomore at East Carolina University. I am an intended nursing major hoping to be accepted to Pirate Nation’s prestigious nursing program after applying this fall! When not working at The Sunshine Factory, I am working at Pantana Bobs, one of Greenville’s oldest and most well-known social hangouts. When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym and love spending time with my friends.

My favorite indoor tanning lotion is Heartless because of its amazing smells. It has a sweet, floral aroma that completely gets rid of the dreaded, “I just tanned,” smell! Heartless also gives my skin the most amazing color once I’m out of the tanning bed. Although this bronzing lotion might not seem dark when you’re applying it, give it just a few hours and see how well it really works!

My favorite bed to pair with this lotion is either the level 4 bed, if I want to feel that summer time heat sensation, or I will go into level 5 bed. Usually I use the level 5 bed when I have somewhere to be after tanning and I don’t want to sweat, the level 5 bed keeps my whole body cool throughout my entire tanning experience! Either way, both of these beds leave me feeling perfectly sun-kissed and glowing!

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