Carter- Tanning Consultant

Hey y’all! My name is Carter and I’m from Varina, Virginia, which is a small town just south of Richmond. Along with working at The Sunshine Factory, I am also a full-time undergraduate student working towards a degree in Public Health. After earning my bachelors degree, I hope to attend graduate school to receive a masters in Healthcare Administration! In my free time, you can find me hanging out with friends or going on occasional road trips to different places!

My absolute favorite indoor tanning lotion is Maliblue by Devoted Creations. This lotion is a fast acting color correcting anti-orange lotion. It feels more like a gel than lotion, so my skin always feels super refreshed and hydrated after I put it on! Maliblue also smells very fresh and clean, which I love compared to the smell of skin straight out of the tanning bed. Once I get home from tanning, I shower and use the Tranquil Tanning Tonic by Botanica. I apply this in-shower tanning extender before drying off. It leaves my body hydrated and smelling amazing. Keeping my body moisturized while also feeling freshly tanned is important to me, so both of these products were perfect for me!

My favorite bed to pair with my lotion is our Level 5 Affinity 500 bed. I love how many fans this bed has because I can get out and go about my day like I had never been tanning! This bed also has an extra-wide surface and body shape acrylic, so while I achieve my sun-kissed look I’m also perfectly comfortable. Come see us at The Sunshine Factory and we can figure out the perfect lotion and bed for you!

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