Abbey – Tanning Consultant

Hey! My name is Abbey and I am from Mooresville, NC. I am a Junior here at ECU pursuing a degree in Communications. In my free time I enjoy traveling, working, spending time with friends and family and just making memories any way I can.

My favorite bed in the salon is the level 5 bed. What I love about this bed is that it has high-pressure fans throughout the bed with different speeds that you can control. If you tan and go about your day like me, it’s nice to get out of this bed and not have that feeling of being super sweaty. This bed is also very spacious inside, so I don’t feel cramped and I can stretch out. The level 5 bed is one of our top-level beds and after just a few sessions, anyone is able to see why! This bed gives your tan a crazy amount of glowing color in such a small window of time! When I am in the mood for tan where I may want to feel a little warmer than in the level 5, I will use the level 3 stand-up bed. I like using the level 3 bed because it reaches parts of my body that the lay down beds might not always cover, like under my arms.

Before I began working at The Sunshine Factory, Blonde Obsession by Devoted Creations was my go-to lotion! But just recently I have really started enjoying using tingle lotions. I quickly learned to love tingle products because I like how you are able to see the immediate color and effects of the product! You can feel the tingle component working within just a few minutes of applying it to your skin. My favorite tingle lotion is So Shameless by Designer Skin. If you are unsure about a tingle, mixing this lotion with any regular bronzer makes the perfect combination for that instant, beautiful glow, that’s not too hot!

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